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Hacking Self-Care 1 Habit At A Time

Why you Need this Lab


Adulting is not for kids. Millennials are more stressed than any other generation: high levels of debt, stressful jobs, and general anxiety. Healthy self care is about making an intentional choice to make yourself happy AND do something ultimately beneficial for your life. We all know that things that are good for you may not feel as good in the short-term as they do in the long-term. That's where the science of habit formation comes in. With this webinar, you will be able to assess your current habits & determine ways to change your lifestyle, and develop strategies to disrupt negative patterns and kick-start positive habits to develop a better work-life balance. You'll leave with the right hacks and apps to live a happier and more creative and productive life. 

About Vanessa Mason

Vanessa Mason is the co-founder of P2Health, a fund focused on tech startups in preventive and population health that are aiming to eliminate health inequity. She has over 10 years of experience in health care innovation and consumer engagement in both the United States and developing countries as a public health professional, consultant and entrepreneur. 

Vanessa earned her BA in psychology from Yale University and her MPH in global health from Columbia University where her thesis focused on overcoming barriers to access to mental health services. She also serves on the Health IT advisory board for Transdisciplinary Collaborative Center (TCC) for Health Disparities Research at Morehouse School of Medicine and on the board of directors for the Mind Body Awareness Project, an Oakland-based nonprofit that supports at-risk youth though mindfulness meditation education.

Webinar Details:

  • This webinar takes place on April 11th, 2017 at 10AM PST/ 1PM EDT.
  • Cant make it?  No worries! A recording of this webinar will available to registrants for 10 days after the live session.
  • Cost: Early Bird $15, General $20