[On Demand Webinar] Salary Negotiations with Michelle Kim

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[On Demand Webinar] Salary Negotiations with Michelle Kim

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"In 2015, full-time workers who identify as women made only 80 cents for every dollar earned by men, a gender wage gap of 20 percent. Women of color earn even less." (source: www.aauw.org)

This is a previously recorded webinar available to you on demand.  Once you purchase this item you will receive a link to download good for 24 hours.

Why you Need this Lab

In this 55 minute webinar, you will acquire core skills required to successfully negotiate a job offer.

From getting over your fear of negotiating to answering the dreaded question, “what is your current salary?” you will walk away feeling more confident and prepared to negotiate for what you want and deserve.

Topics Covered

  • Overcoming your fear
  • How to avoid revealing your current salary 
  • Assessing your market value 
  • How to negotiate beyond just salary 
  • Negotiating with a long-term relationship in mind

About Michelle

Michelle Kim is an experienced career consultant and coach who is passionate about helping people find, land, and thrive in their desired career paths. As a trained business consultant, she has spent her entire career working closely with executives around the world to build high performing companies. Her business expertise coupled with her experience building teams have led her to understand how companies identify and hire top performers. As a lifetime grassroots social justice activist, she cares deeply about people of color, women, and queer people's financial success and empowerment, as she believes it’s a critical step in achieving social justice. 

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