We empower diverse, emerging leaders in three ways:

Accelerator Labs and Events

Accelerator Labs: We partner with some of the best consultants and coaches to offer engaging webinars on a variety of topics important to the advancement and wellness of women.

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Networking Events: We curate FUN, unique networking events incorporating skill development, and social awareness programs to empower women from all backgrounds to make an impact to their communities, and achieve their ambitions. 

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Gyals of Impact

We bring awareness to issues impacting our communities and create ways to make a collective impact.  We engage our communities through the support of local charities.  Our first initiative brought together enough resources to provide 80+ care kits to the homeless youth!  Are there any community issues you'd like to raise awareness about and make more of an impact?   If so click the link below and tell us about it.

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Gyals Creating Change

We showcase female pioneers making an impact in their communities. Our goal is to support their work and empower you to support them too.   Know any Gyals making a positive impact in their communities?  If so, please nominate them via the link below (takes less than 5 mins). 

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