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Gyals Network’s 5 Career Tips for Women Who Want to Thrive

1. Build Genuine Connections

Collaboration, influencing, and team building are all important traits in leadership that start with building connections with people.  Build relationships, not only within your team but throughout your organization by demonstrating active listening and empathy.  You can practice empathetic listening by:

  • Acknowledging the feelings of others
  • Validating concerns
  • Asking clarifying questions
  • Revealing things about yourself to establish connection and understanding (when appropriate)

2. Influence without Authority

When you influence, you empower others while communicating how their support is mutually beneficial.  This allows you to get the job done with the best possible outcome, by receiving the support and alignment of people you have no authority over.  In order to influence without authority, you must have trust which can be created by:

  • Building genuine connections
  • Communicating with honesty and integrity
  • Being open minded and listening to other viewpoints
  • Being goal/solutions focused

3. Market Yourself

You are the best advocate for yourself!   Challenge yourself to expand your exposure by:

  • Communicating your accomplishments
  • Joining teams/taking leadership roles
  • Making new connections through networking
  • Telling people what you do and what you are interested in working on
  • Seizing public speaking opportunities

4. Set Boundaries  

As Denver-based certified career coach Jenn DeWall says, “Often times, women early in their careers are so eager to prove themselves that they take on too much and often say "yes" to every project that comes their way. Men, on the other hand, are more selective.” She suggests young women ask themselves, "What will I gain from this?" before taking on another task. If the project does not appear to help advanc our career, and you already have enough tasks, do not be afraid to say "no."    

5. Continue to Grow

  • To get ahead and stay viable, seek opportunities to grow.  Do this by:
  • Taking risks; get out of your comfort zone
  • Expand your skillsets and knowledge base through courses, books, degrees and certifications
  • Strategically volunteer to take on more responsibilities
  • Apply for different roles to expand your breadth of experience