Our July 2016 Gyal Creating Change - Lucy Keoni, Co-Founder of Startuprising

We are excited to bring you our next Gyal Creating Change Lucy Keoni!

Gyals Creating Change is an initiative where we will occasionally showcase female pioneers making an impact in their communities. Our goal is to support their work and empower you Gyals to support them too.

Lucy Keoni is a trusted start-up advisor and mentor who's mission is to mobilize the tech community towards inclusive action. Lucy actively structures her life around the issues that she feels are most important. Like, not just working in finance, but starting a conference to teach young girls financial literacy. Learning mobile product development to build technologies to help empower people in developing countries, or starting a holistic health and wellness company to help corporate employees be healthier and happier so they could give back more to their communities - and sending her profits to support social impact causes.

Today, Lucy is the founder of StartUpRising (http://www.startuprising.tech/) and is committed to bringing resources and opportunities to historically underrepresented founders and investors.

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