A Look Back: Gyals Network Leadership Team Accomplishments

It's almost been a year!

On October 28th, it will be a year since the Gyal's Network Leadership team was established.  Time sure does fly by when you are having fun and I must say that TOGETHER we have done a lot in the past few months to execute our mission of empowering women from diverse backgrounds to make a positive change in the world. 

A few of our accomplishments include:

  • Re-branded from our famed Gyals Game Night identity to better communicate and execute our mission.
  • Hosted our very first Gyals of Impact fundraiser for the Covenant House.  We learned a lot about how hard fundraising is.  IT IS HARD!   Although it was a struggle, we successfully raised enough money to put together 80+ care-kits for homeless youth in Oakland.  Success is sweet!
  • Launched Gyals Creating Change where we now highlight remarkable women making a change in their communities.  By doing this, we offer them a platform for gaining support on their work! 
  • Held our Bo$$ Lady empowerment event in celebration of Women's History Month.  This event inspired a beautiful, diverse group of emerging leaders to take control of their career growth through great dialogue, our famed #playwithpurpose activity, and a leadership presence workshop.
  • Executed our Gyals of Impact Fashion Revolution movie screening and action plan to spread the word on the huge global implications of cheap fashion on our environment and health.
  • Represented Gyals Network at the White House United State of Women Summit last month.  We learned so much about the state of women and it was clear that executing our mission is more important that ever!

What's Next?

  • Partnering with Project Open Hand to feed those in need this Saturday, July 23rd in SF.  Sign up here!
  • Women's Wellness Showcase featuring experts sharing tips and resources to manage overall wellness.
  • Dating and Relationship Showcase featuring relationship experts on the current state of dating and key habits of strong, healthy relationships.
  • Gyals Creating Change ramp up with new features every month.  Please nominate someone today!
  • Semi-annual Gyals Groups: An intimate gathering to facilitate important change-making dialogue on the state of women that will eventually drive our initiatives.  Want to join?  Email us at admin@gyalsnetwork.com and we will get back to you!

Thank you!

I just want to thank the Leadership Team and all of our members, friends, and family who believe in our vision.  We will be doing a lot more with your support.  Thank you!!! xoxoxoxo