Volunteering is Good for the Soul! Our Experience at Project Open Hand.

Last Saturday, we volunteered with Project Open Hand (POH) to help feed the chronically ill.  Below is a synopsis of our experience.

A few cool facts:

  • Project Open Hand was founded at the height of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.  During that time HIV/AIDS was considered the gay man's cancer and due to a lack of education, people avoided all contact with those infected out of fear.  This harsh treatment lead to job losses and isolation which eventually caused malnutrition and death.  Ruth Brinker saw the need for service and then founded POH with little resources.
  • Everyday, POH provides approximately 2,500 nutritious meals and 200 bags of groceries to their clients to sustain them.  If clients are too sick to leave their homes to pick up their meals, POH will deliver their food to them.
  • POH offers a diverse menu of healthy meal plans tailored to their clients needs.  They also offer visits with a nutritionist so that their clients become empowered.

POH always needs volunteers so if interested, sign up here.